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Boarding at A Suri Farm, ltd

Boarding, also called agisting, is done when someone wants to get started in the alpaca industry but doesn't have the ability to keep the animals at his or her own farm.  At a Suri Farm we enjoy having our hills alive with the sound of humming!  We will gladly board your animals at our farm until your place is up and running.  Your animals will receive the same excellent care and be treated as our own.

We are fortunate to have phenomenal veterinary service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week! In addition to that professional care, we provide daily routine care as described in our Life on the Farm section.  It includes daily food, water and maintenance, a stall in the barn and room to pronk in the pastures.  Vaccinations, deworming shots, nail trimming and shearing will be done for an additional charge in accord with current industry rates.

When a new alpaca arrives at a Suri Farm, we review the animal's current medical history and establish a file in our computerized maintenance system to be sure the animal receives proper deworming and nail trimming on a regular basis.  The new alpaca or alpacas will be quarantined for one to two weeks before being introduced to the rest of the herd.  We do this to protect the health of the existing herd as well as that of the newly arrived alpacas.

If the new arrival is a pregnant female, we will track her pregnancy on our computer system as well.  That means she will be regularly spit tested by our herdsire to confirm her pregnancy.  When a female alpaca is pregnant and she comes into contact with a herdsire, he will attempt to breed with her and if she's still pregnant, she'll spit him off and run from him.  If we are unable to establish a firm diagnosis from this fairly reliable method, we'll contact you to inquire whether you'd like confirmation via ultrasound done by our veterinarian.

When your pregnant female is within a few weeks of her due date, we readjust our off-the-farm work schedule so that we will be home when the wonderful event occurs.  Most female alpacas, Suri or Huacaya, deliver in the morning hours.  It is said that this birth schedule evolved over time because alpacas in their native habitat deliver in the morning so that the cria is dry by the time night falls and the weather turns colder.  Once the cria arrives, you will be notified as soon as possible.  And within a day of birth, the dam and cria will be examined by our veterinarian to ensure their health.

 Because we choose to be a smaller farm, we have the luxury of interacting with each animal and calling him or her by name.  You'd be amazed to see how quickly our alpacas respond when you call for them by name!  Your agisted animals will be treated with the same affection.

Updated May 10, 2017