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Fine Peruvian Alpacas in the Heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country!

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Selecting Our Herd

We visited several farms of varying size and asked many questions before making the choice of our first stock.  It was on our visit to Humming Hill Suri Farm that we selected our foundation herd.  Ben and Lynda Fisco were well respected and well established in the industry and shared their knowledge of the business with us.  It was their encouragement and advice that convinced us we had discovered our vocation. 

We contacted the Penn State Ag Extension Cooperative for help on our pastures and barn design. We installed the fencing ourselves with the help of great friends and family, Tony & Paul.  Six months and one day from the first time we laid eyes on an alpaca, a Suri Farm, ltd. was established with the arrival of Ampato, Alice, Genovieve, Mira and Pashmina.

We feel fortunate that we were able to enter this business with strong mentors and we work with each of our clients to establish that same kind of long-term relationship that will make you a success in this industry too!

Updated April 28, 2017