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Fine Peruvian Alpacas in the Heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country!

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A breathtaking view of Pennsylvania’s Blue Mountain Range greets the alpacas each morning. This photo taken early one winter day shows the serene beauty of a Suri Farm. It may not be the Andes but it sure is beautiful to us.

The main barn sits on the highest point of our land. The alpacas' favorite feature of the barn seems to be the 8' overhangs on each long side so that they can stay outside and protected on the coldest or warmest of days. It is a newly constructed 36'x48' pole barn complete with a vet room, office and powder room. The entire barn floor is concrete with underground drainage for easy cleaning. There's room for eight 9'x9' animal stalls in the arena and each stall floor is padded with matting for the alpacas comfort.

Chow Time
Each stall in the barns has its own feed trough. That makes controlling what the alpacas get to eat in the form of grain and minerals and easy job.


A Happy Farmer!
Only low-key Dennis would find a way to smile through this green slime! And only Monica would be ornery enough to snap a picture rather than grab a towel for her dear husband to wipe his face. People often ask us if they spit. The answer is an obvious yes, but you REALLY have to upset them to get an alpaca to spit on you. Visit the farm and we'll tell you the story behind this little beauty.

Natural Parasite Control
We try to keep the use of chemicals on the farm to a minimum. When you visit us, you're bound to see our guinea hens out roaming the property devouring pounds of insects each day.

School Children with Al
Some of our favorite guests have included groups of school children learning about these amazing Camelids for the first time!

Welcome to the World

 We welcome farm visitors! Here 'Aunt' April holds a new little addition to the herd just hours after she was born. Our only request is that you give us a call to let us know you're on your way

King of the Jungle
On patrol throughout the year, you will find Cheech, pictured here in a tree, or his brother Tommy Chong on the lookout for the elusive and destructive barn mice. The cats feel it is their responsibility to play with the alpacas to ensure they get enough exercise.

Dr. Norm & Dr. Bruce - TOP NOTCH CARE
We're very fortunate at a Suri Farm to have our herd seen regularly by Dr. Bruce Keck and Dr. James Shissler of Annville-Cleona Veterinary Associates. But it's even more fun when our good friend Dr. Norm Evans stops by to check out the herd and swap stories with Dr. Bruce.

Kubota Boys
Every morning you'll see them ... the 'Kubota Boys' Dennis and Guinness, trucking around the farm making sure all have fresh water and hay. Some times we think they just like going for the ride!

Lower Barn Added
As our alpaca business grew, so did our need for more fencing and housing. We added two new yet smaller barns to the farm in the summer of 2008. These additions have given us the flexibility to move alpacas and rotate pasture use. We still enjoy that view of the Blue Mountains but now it's even better with the addition of alpacas.

Updated May 01, 2017